How to transfer OLM to PST file format like an expert without being one

This is from the time when I was so tensed that I had started thinking about quitting my job. I was a beginner and it was my first job. I had always worked on a mac computer but the company where I was hired had a policy for working on windows. It was not a strict policy but almost everyone I saw had a windows computer and had their systems set up in that way. The company had purchased all licenses for windows too. So after a few weeks it became that I was going to get a windows computer so that things can get easier for me and I can really fit in.

Transfer OLM to PST

I had years of information on my mac which was easy to shift, but then I got stuck with something that I had never imagined. I forgot to learn how I would shift my email files from my mac to windows. When I read about it, I got to know that both mac outlook and windows outlook work on different formats. So in order to use my mac outlook emails in windows outlook, I would need to transfer OLM to PST file format. Since it was the only way, I began to ask around how to convert OLM to PST format from my colleagues. To my surprise, a lot of them came out to help me and told me that it happens to everyone who comes here with a mac so they have found a solution so that no one else has to be afraid or troubled with it. They told me that I would be needing an OLM to PST converter software, which is a tool that has been specially designed to help mac users in the conversion of their email files from OLM to PST file format.

When I asked about the particular OLM to PST converter tool that they recommend, they told me to check out the OLM to PST converter Pro tool by Gladwev software. I found that it was a certified tool that was specially designed to help first time mac users in the safe and effective conversion of their Outlook mac files to PST format for outlook windows. There was a free trial made available so I decided to give it a try.

I was surprised to see that I was able to install the tool in less than a minute without needing any help whatsoever. There was a helpful wizard based interface that guided me through the conversion from OLM to PST, right from the installation till the end. I would really like to commend the hard work they put into this since the conversion is now so simple that even a first time mac user or even a child with basic pc skills can easily transfer OLM to PST file format without any danger of file loss or data modification.

If you are wondering whether the OLM to PST converter Pro tool is safe, then you should relax. The OLM to PST converter Pro is the safest tool through which you can export OLM to PST file format since it hosts an advanced algorithm that ensures 100% protection of your email database. The tool has completely eliminated the old methods of conversion which were both risky and slow, instead, the tool offers an “express” convert feature that allows it to automatically scan the user’s email database without any manual interference. Hence by eliminating any room for human error, the results become 100% safe and accurate.

I was surprised when I came to know that this tool can offer 100% guarantee of data safety and you will not lose any email data regardless of your experience. This is a turning point in email conversion and there are no other tools that can offer such levels of accuracy and safety to its users. So I think it was the best thing that I found the OLM to PST converter Pro tool for my OLM to PST conversions.

The greatest thing about this tool is that the user does not have to work hard in order to get perfect results. All he has to do is choose the convert mode and let it work. Once the tool has scanned the database it will ask you to choose the files that you want to transfer from OLM to PST file format. Once you have chosen the necessary files and folders to convert from OLM to PST, you can just hit the convert button as the tool transfers OLM to PST file format for you.

All results are guaranteed to be 100% accurate regardless of the size of your database. The tool also saves all your attachments, folder details, read/unread status, folder hierarchy, contacts, calendars, tasks and to do lists along with the Unicode content that most OLM to PST converter tools cannot tackle. So I think I am an expert now in this and I can totally recommend this OLM to PST converter software to you in good faith.

Like I did, you can now try the OLM to PST converter Pro tool for free. The free demo version lets you try 10 free OLM to PST transfers until you are satisfied. Once you are content with the conversion, you can go ahead and upgrade to the full edition of the tool which comes with added benefits. You get free 24*7 support and free updates for life. You also get free updates for a lifetime to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything new.

To download the OLM to PST converter Pro tool for free, click here.

Convert OLM to Mac for Mac


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